Duckhunt Interactive Mapping for Dentyne/Trident

I developed this work while I was still working at Macrobio (I was one of the owners/partners, lead developer and project director). It was codeveloped with DelightLab for the Dentyne/Trident brand.

The idea was to be able to play a game similar to Nintendo’s classic Duckhunt projected over the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art at Santiago de Chile.

It was not simply projecting the game over the facade, rather every object of the scene was mapped to the building elements out of which several reacted if shot.

Several systems had to be developed for this. The aiming system development was in charge of Ludique. They decided to use the Nintendo Wii remote control along with a special infrared post in order to detect where it was being aimed. This system proved to be excessively precise, thanks to the calibration method being used.

The shotgun was designed and built by Benedicto López according to my specifications. It simulated the weight and size of a real hunting shotgun. It had the Nintendo Wiimote embedded in its front.

The gaming and mapping system was developed by myself. Because of the need of having the game elements mapped to the building this system had to be unified.

In order to play the game, users had to queue virtually by filling a form with their personal data and taking a photo of them selves using an iPad. This data and photo was transmitted to the game system in order to use it when needed.

Simultaneously there was a DSLR camera shooting photographs every time the shotgun was triggered. This images were automagically composed into a single one and uploaded to the brand’s Facebook fan page.

This event took place on August 21, 2012.

There is a detailed technical explanation here.

I worked on this project while I had my studio [Macrobio]( "Macrobio").