Luminus Prospectu

Luminus Prospectu means light in perspective. The scope of action of this work are the senses that perceive abstract depth -sound and vision-, focusing on the sound-and-light experimentation of perspective.

Different sound and light sources are set up in the space, whose arangement is based on Voronoi’s geometric diagrams. These diagram’s patterns are generated by spacial, structural and hierarchical relationships and can be found in nature and living beings, from micro to macro; human’s sight and hearing sensing cells are aranged following this paterns.

The created compositions’ light and sound evoke a raw atmosphere with 4 moments of intensity.

On the begining of 2018 I joined Trimex, an art collective and studio, of which I also became an associate. As a collective we were invited to make this piece to be shown in the Museo de Artes Visuales de Santiago (MAVI) (Museum of Visual Arts of Santiago), in the context of the inauguration of Barrio Arte (Art Neighborhood) between April 9th and 16th of 2018.

Trimex Crew: Juan José Aldunce, Andrés Terrisse, Roy Macdonald y Diego Miranda.

Direction, Art direction: Andrés Terrisse.

Direction, architecture : Juan José Aldunce.

Direction, software coding: Roy Macdonald

Video documentation: Diego Miranda

Music: Andrés Abarzua

Set-up assistants: Francisco Jullian, Tamara González, Pedro Rajevic, Caro Paz Ovando.

Thanks: Paula Uthoff, María Ibarra, Constanza Ragal