An interactive generative Black Metal logo generator

Black Metal it is intended to be one of the most extreme (in darkness, obscurity, evilness and brutality ) sub-genre of Metal Music; as such, the logos of the Black Metal bands. Probably in search of such extremes the logos, as well as the music, have become absolutely unreadable. Text turned into just a bunch of apparently random lines that usually look like a texture rather than something written.

By using this Black Metal styled generative typography anyone can create a text that resembles a Black Metal logo, which will be deprived from its original intentions and meaning, only left with its formal attributes. It will be culturally resignified as a message carrier which unfortunately will loose the message -the text- thanks to its inherent unintelligibility leaving it to be resignified, once again, just as an aesthetic form. It is a funny yet compelling sabotage to the self-sabotage of Black Metal bands logos.

This was built using openFrameworks


I’ve been receiving a lot of emails asking if and when I am going to release the code or app.

Will I release the app?

It is my intention, althoug currently is super buggy, outdated and need a lot of work. I’d rather publish it when it is in a state where it performs decently. Publishing broken software is a really bad idea.

Will I open source the code?

Sure, but only at the same time that I release the app.

When am I going to release the code and/or software?

I would have liked to have it already released. I have a show later this year, hopefully, where I am showing this piece and I would release the code and software in such event.