Videoworks 2005-2007

All this works were done while I was attending the arts school. I’ve always liked movies and moviemaking, but sometimes the process behind the movie catches my attention much more than the movie itself.

I began to research a lot about all the processes behind making a movie; scripting, filming, photography, montage, compositing, visual effects, etc. With this research a lot of experiments came to life, some of which ended up being art pieces I used while I was studying in the art school.

In the two following videos I was playing with image compositing, tracking and stabilization in order to create a new view over certain scene.




The following works around script, timing and multiple views of the same scene in order to create a dramatic tension. A lot of it is achieved during the montage, by removing and reordering parts of the original video material. Chilean spanish is spoken on it; it wont make much sense to you if you don’t understand Chilean Spanish.


The following is the work I presented in order to get my BA degree.

Arguably, amateur video recording can be perceived as the most objective kind of documentation or less mediated. The viewer tends to overcome the technology implied in it and can sense it as he was doing such recording, thus making it believable. Based on this premise and the fact that the “amateur” quality of such recordings is nothing more that a series of technical conditions, hence this conditions can get manipulated in order to create something that looks amateur but that depicts unbelievable scenes. Although Chilean Spanish is spoken on it, it is not necessary to completely understand it in order to understand the whole.