Music is one of the things I like the most of all. All about it.
I’ve struggled a lot to be able to play guitar decently enough. The guitar is my musical instrument, is the one I know the best, I feel comfortable playing it, although I’m far from being a virtuoso. On the other side machines, knobs, technical equiment and the recording process came to me as a very natural and intuitive thing. Its use has never been a struggle. My first approach to these was because I was trying to understand why the recordings I did were so crappy. I began to obsessively research and study music technology and the recording and mixing process. This took me to produce serval records for different bands/projects, altough the first ones were guinea pigs.

Music production places me in a very similar position as the one I usually take when dealing with visual arts or commissioned/commercial jobs; the one in between the artistic side of things and the technical ones, allowing fluent communication between these, directing the artistic decisions as well as making sure that the technical ones are always taken to according to the artistic direction. More over, on top of this practical functionality it has a very vast territory for expression, becoming an art by itself. I still don’t completely understand music, so far I just understand the technical process of recording and producing, yet there’s a lot more that I need to understand.

I am a founding member of the online record label Uva Robot through which several of these recordings have been published.

Some of these recordings:


This is my band. I produced, recorded, mixed and played guitar

Tus Amigos Nuevos

I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this album.


There are several others that were not published propperly and can’t find online.:(